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Such a condition cannot be easily replicated on Earth. That does not mean it cannot exist elsewhere. Astronomers don't know why gas and stars seem to be getting shredded by our galaxies central supermassive black hole.

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Whydening Gyre. Obviously , the reference was to the Event Horizon. Stop playing stupid. I don't know what it is that every article on black holes brings out the crackpots and demented who want to go on and on about dynamic plasma's and gravitestimals and what not.

It's like a siren song for the crazies amongst us. I think what happens is that some people overdose on science fiction when they are children. For those with patience, ability, and true curiosity, that simulates a genuine desire for education and knowledge. For the really stupid or drug-addled, it tips them into hallucinogenic madness. All I know is I wish the crackpots would go away. I will make one comment amount that, however. Once when I was in college in a fevored dream I became convinced I had solved the 4 color map theorem. It took several hours by a few dedicated graduate students to convince me I was wrong.

I can see now that I could easily have spent my entire life pursuing that idiocy had I not been willing to listen. C is not the speed limit you seem to think it is. Sep 12, Tired light! Ruled out in umpteen ways.

Only believed by gullible cranks. Why does this idiot keep posting? There is a clue in the name as to why you'll never 'see' a BH, dumbo. We have, however, seen the predicted event horizon. Ergo, BHs exist. Yes it is. So, unless you have a link to some real science saying otherwise, we can, and will, safely ignore your comment. It's all happening in the near-infrared, the portion of the infrared spectrum closest to optical light.

Team plans colour film of black hole at galaxy's centre

Astronomers have been watching Sgr. This peak was over twice as bright as the previous peak flux level. If there is truly uncharacteristic phenomena occuring in such a small area of the galaxy, why then is it not exhibited in ALL wavelengths of the electro-magnetic spectrum? Astronomers can't answer this question because they know so little about nuclear physics that they get lost just trying to comprehend the concept of the Benni Why would you expect to see "ALL wavelengths of the electro-magnetic spectrum?

What details are they "overlooking"? Da Schneib. I don't think Benni gets spectra, nor ever will. Despite having used a radio or television both of which finely divide the radio spectrum. So, Benni, tell us, can you detect gamma rays with a television? Benni You still think a free neutron decays at exactly It is an observational fact that the Beta particle decay rate of a free unbound neutron is Errrrr, lying much?

Black hole

You have already been shown the observational evidence. In the scientific literature. Multiple times. Including piccies for the hard of thinking. If all this "flaring" is of such unusual significance, why only at one tiny portion of the EM Spectrum does it occur? Do you even know what Earth's atmospheric lightning emits? Every single wavelength all the way up to gamma, so why does something supposedly of such stupendous energy emission have such a limited wavelength generation of energy?

Any object free-falling through gravity is not limited to giving up energy at only one wavelength, as it picks up free falling velocity the energy level of the object will shift to higher energy levels shorter wavelength , a hard concept of nuclear physics I wouldn't expect Astronomers to comprehend, let alone yourself jimbo. This comment has been removed by a moderator. Benni You are still an idiot.

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Benni Please quote the factual basis of your comment. The very center of our Galaxy in the core of the bulge is located in the direction of the constellation Sagittarius. Let me rephrase my comment as, "What you are saying is idiotic. How's that Mods who do nothing. Those measurements should allow physicists to nail down whether black holes have hair.

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Australia has a huge shortage of the medical isotope needed for scans. Don't miss: the art of science, vanishing cetaceans and edited humans Marcus du Sautoy at NSLive: Can computers ever be truly creative?

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Australia has a huge shortage of the medical isotope needed for scans Herpes vaccine to be tested in humans after best result yet in animals Stars that eat planets can start spinning so fast they rip apart. For smaller stars those up to about three times the sun's mass , the new core will become a neutron star or a white dwarf. Black holes formed by the collapse of individual stars are relatively small, but incredibly dense. One of these objects packs more than three times the mass of the sun into the diameter of a city.

This leads to a crazy amount of gravitational force pulling on objects around the object. Stellar black holes then consume the dust and gas from their surrounding galaxies, which keeps them growing in size. Small black holes populate the universe, but their cousins, supermassive black holes, dominate. Scientists aren't certain how such large black holes spawn.

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Once these giants have formed, they gather mass from the dust and gas around them, material that is plentiful in the center of galaxies, allowing them to grow to even more enormous sizes. Supermassive black holes may be the result of hundreds or thousands of tiny black holes that merge together.

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  • Large gas clouds could also be responsible, collapsing together and rapidly accreting mass. A third option is the collapse of a stellar cluster, a group of stars all falling together. Fourth, supermassive black holes could arise from large clusters of dark matter. This is a substance that we can observe through its gravitational effect on other objects; however, we don't know what dark matter is composed of because it does not emit light and cannot be directly observed.

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    Illustration of a young black hole, such as the two distant dust-free quasars spotted recently by the Spitzer Space Telescope. More photos of black holes of the universe. Such bodies could form when stars in a cluster collide in a chain reaction.