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Botella, G. Branco, M. Nebot and M. Brambilla, S. Eidelman, B. Heltsley, R. Vogt, G. Bodwin, P. Faccioli et al Title: Heavy quarkonium: progress, puzzles, and opportunities Journal: Eur. C71 Cardoso and P. Cardoso, M. Cardoso, P.

String-Flip Potential Models and Nuclear Matter

Bicudo and N. ArXive: D84 Publication Type: Proceedings ArXive: Das, C. Froggatt, L. Laperashvili and H.

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A26 Das and J. Journal: Phys. Das, L. Laperashvili, H. Nielsen and A. B Pulido Title: Neutrino nonstandard interactions in the supernova Journal: Phys.

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Gonzalez Felipe and H. Serodio Title: Leptonic mixing, family symmetries and neutrino phenomenology Journal: Phys. Emmanuel-Costa, E. Franco and R. Esteves, J. Romao, M. Hirsch, F.

Effective long distance [equation] potential in holographic RG flows | SpringerLink

Staub and W. Estevez Aguado, A.

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  1. Internal Reports and Preprints for 2009.
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  3. Grand unification - Scholarpedia.
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    Krishna Rajagopal - Quark-Gluon Plasma in QCD, at RHIC and LHC, and in String Theory - Lecture 2

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    A semi-holographic model for heavy-ion collisions. Jakubczyk P. An alternative approach to the construction of Schur-Weyl transform.